.CN Domain Name

The following is a list of domains starting with .CN extension with summary information stored in our database, which is always refreshed, so please refresh the page to update the latest data.

List of domain names with .CN extensions

Domain Name Server IP Hosting Provider Server Location
bgechina.cn bgechina.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
winshare.com.cn winshare.com.cn CHINANET-FJ Flag China China
ubabytv.com.cn ubabytv.com.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
teda.gov.cn teda.gov.cn GUANWEIHUI-gov-tj Flag China Tianjin, China
nikeinc.com.cn nikeinc.com.cn Alibaba.com LLC Flag Hong Kong Hong Kong, Hong Kong
cibtc.com.cn cibtc.com.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China Beijing, China
sdby.com.cn sdby.com.cn QuadraNet Enterprises LLC Flag United States Tarzana, United States
amway.com.cn amway.com.cn SZIDC Flag China Guangdong, China
neu.edu.cn neu.edu.cn GZCOMP-CN Flag China China
uwcentre.ac.cn uwcentre.ac.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
jixi.gov.cn jixi.gov.cn China Mobile Flag China Heilongjiang, China
fluoroplastic.cn fluoroplastic.cn Alibaba.com LLC Flag United States San Mateo, United States
zishu.cn zishu.cn New Dream Network, LLC Flag United States Brea, United States
geosociety.org.cn geosociety.org.cn XHXT Flag China China
tinman.cn tinman.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
canva.cn canva.cn Cloudflare, Inc. Flag United States San Francisco, United States
lostheaven.com.cn lostheaven.com.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
expo2011.cn expo2011.cn UNICOM-LN Flag China Shaanxi, China
stluciabj.cn stluciabj.cn Asia Pacific Network Information Centre Flag China South Brisbane, China
sxradio.com.cn sxradio.com.cn SN-PEL-BRO-NET Flag China Shaanxi, China
cellresource.cn cellresource.cn PUMC-CN Flag China China
elekta.cn elekta.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
joy.cn joy.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
sanjin.com.cn sanjin.com.cn CHINANET-GX Flag China Guangxi, China
anqiu.gov.cn anqiu.gov.cn UNICOM-LN Flag China Shandong, China
fl.gov.cn fl.gov.cn UNICOM-LN Flag China China
tuoxian.gov.cn tuoxian.gov.cn CHINANET-FJ Flag China Guizhou, China
smellme.cn smellme.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
xushui.gov.cn xushui.gov.cn UNICOM-LN Flag China Beijing, China
vegreen.cn vegreen.cn DINGFENG_Network Flag United States United States
oldchengduclub.com.cn oldchengduclub.com.cn WholeSale Internet, Inc. Flag United States North Kansas City, United States
wuli.com.cn wuli.com.cn WENZHOU-TELECOM-LTD Flag China Zhejiang, China
ningjin.gov.cn ningjin.gov.cn UNICOM-LN Flag China China
sdtv.cn sdtv.cn SDTV Flag China China
xtransfer.cn xtransfer.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
istv.com.cn istv.com.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
gdyt.com.cn gdyt.com.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
agridata.cn agridata.cn UNICOM-LN Flag China Beijing, China
zjam.org.cn zjam.org.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
sxsly.com.cn sxsly.com.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
broadcom.cn broadcom.cn Amazon Data Services Canada Flag United States Seattle, United States
cpcb.com.cn cpcb.com.cn tianlangxingwangba Flag China China
harrypotter.com.cn harrypotter.com.cn Amazon Data Services Canada Flag United States Seattle, United States
gdrb.com.cn gdrb.com.cn yihao Flag United States hefei, United States
gz81.cn gz81.cn NWTCRS-HK Flag Hong Kong Hong Kong
chinaspirit.net.cn chinaspirit.net.cn Defender cloud international llc Flag United States newark, United States
cndsw.cn cndsw.cn African Network Information Center Flag South Africa Ebene, South Africa
sdnews.com.cn sdnews.com.cn China Mobile Flag China Shandong, China
redis.cn redis.cn CHINA-21VIANET Flag China China
n-s.cn n-s.cn JINGWEIVOD Flag China China